fisher management system in Japan

Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2007 09:00:21 +0900
Makino M & Matsuda H (2005) Co-management in japanese coastal fishery: institutional features and transaction cost. Marine Policy 29:441-450
I think you might expect a multi-agent (fishermen) system has an important role of fisheries management in Japan.
As we may find throughout the world, "prudent" fisheries are maintained by some traditional manner or virtue of leaders (and fishermen) if the socioeconomic condition is good and the society members watch each other . Otherwise fishermen usually seek short-sighted interest and overfish anything. I think Japan fisheries law system is unique because it acknowledges such "traditional" co-management. A key factor is an exclusive right of fishing (not open access system). We plan to investigate a role of "co-management" in fisheries and other environmental issues.